Kerry’s introduction to the world of photography came about as a teenage pro’ skateboarder. He started photographing his teammates and it wasn’t long before his work was being published in American Skateboarder Magazine.

Kerry then began to focus on photography as a career and he started documenting Auckland’s young fashion designers and post-punk music scene. Covering local then international bands found Kerry shooting the likes of U2, Nick Cave and Siouxsie & the Banshees for the cover of Rip it Up, New Zealand’s Rolling Stone.

“I’ve had a camera in my hand all my working life,” says Kerry. “I believe my key strength is my diversity – I’ve worked in music, fashion, advertising, documentaries and feature films – and every picture I take is informed by these varied experiences. To me, whatever I’m photographing, it’s all about finding that iconic image, searching for and capturing the decisive moment. I take photographs that capture an actor’s performance and tell stories.”

“I learnt the hands-on way and always place a big emphasis on forming good relationships with directors and producers, actors and DOPs. I’m a hard working, straight up guy that loves photography and cinema.

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